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Ceremony & Reception DJ

Up Lighting & Gobo

Whether it’s a set list, a genre, or a mixture of music catering to your guests that you want, we will build on your ideas and the kind of ambience you want at your party. You can choose how involved you want to be - write your own list or leave it up to us.  Our experienced, reliable DJs are skilled in observing and responding to the crowd, creating the right atmosphere and enticing people to the dance floor.


If  you’re celebrating indoors in a ballroom or outside on a yacht,  Our state of the art mobile Sound and Lighting will deliver an effortless experience that will leave you amazed.


Just need Lighting? Transform any venue and dance floor into a breathtaking illusion that will impress your guests.  The Chemistry DJ’s state of the art lighting systems are also available for rent. Delivery and professional set up is optional but recommended.  Lighting equipment includes but is not limited to:

- Up Lights

- Custom Gobo

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